We offer three kinds of services:

Implement and license an existing program of Lady Trailblazer Leadership Institute Ltd.
Research, design, and implement a new program.
Evaluate, assess, and improve an existing program.


Girls’ Persist is an evidence-based STEM leadership program designed to put problems into practice while fostering an environment for girls to thrive. The program consists of hands-on learning applications and leadership methods viable for shaping self-efficacy and increasing capacity for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The program utilizes the learn-it, lead-it, and perform-it learning model to assist adolescent girls with self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and decision-making while influencing overall STEM persistence.


Lady Persist is a facilitation course designed for women with the use of the LTL design methodology with an emphasis on how-to shape and influence learning. The skills building model is essential for the ‘what’  phase of self-development thereby increasing competence and self-confidence.


Design math utilize the LTL learning model, designed to assist girls improve overall mathematical skills through the distinctive forms of math e.g., patterns, shapes, and numbers. The learning model help frame mathematical concepts and interpretations relevant for problem-solving.


Math efficacy is an advanced mathematical program infused with the learning algorithm TLP, designed to build self-confidence and improve overall persistence for math through the associative learning of the “how to, and why” method relevant to problem-solve, think critically, and recognize and make complex decisions.


Skills building program designed to assist in redefining resilience while utilizing the LTP learning model. The program employs consistent but flexible methodologies effective for creating and shaping inclusive team-building strategies and equitable workplace environments.